First Day Of Training

Today was the first day of training. My teacher was the author of the book Mastering Dyalog APL, Mr. Bernard Legrand. Below is a list of all of the concepts and ideas that I learnt today. I am not aiming to explain any of the actual programming however I will be releasing a detailed write up of the programming and code towards the end of the week when the course finishes. Today I learnt:

• Basic operations such as multiplication and division along with the specialist symbols they use in APL.
• The assignment of variables and how variables may interact with each other using operands.
• Performing simple operations on sets of data.
• How to create a list or matrix and the differences between different types of variables.
• The use of the reshape feature and its purpose in the language.
• How to declare and manipulate multi-dimensional arrays.
• The meaning of shape and rank.
• The standard indexing of an array and vectors.
• The creation of dynamic and traditional functions and passing parameters to them.

Each of these bullet point have intricate implementations and purposes and learning them and when to use them was very insightful however we have only just scratched the surface of their full potential.

More to follow tomorrow…


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