Sharing Videos With Dropbox

Recently I had the need to share a video with someone who wasn’t on Facebook. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem and I would just use WhatsApp to send them the video. However because the video had been edited it was on my computer and getting it to my phone would take precious time.

The simple alternative is…

It’s easy to create an account and a great way to store and share things. To share the video I simply created a new folder by logging into my account and navigating to the following button (highlighted in yellow): 


Then I named the folder something appropriate and navigated inside it by double clicking it in the folder view you should be presented with after logging in. Dropbox supports the dragging and dropping of files so I simply dragged the file from my desktop and dropped it into the empty folder on Dropbox. Then to share you simply need to right click the file in the Dropbox folder and select share link, shown below..


Then copy and paste the link given and give to anyone you dare to share the video with! Hope you enjoyed.